Satsanga, Pranayama & Meditation in Moscow in 2009

Satsaṅga, Spiritual discourse, means listening to a living saint or a teacher who knows about Īśvara and the self, whose words make one to see oneself and reality, and one feels the presence of Īśvara or union with Īśvara.

Satsaṅga, listened with Śraddhā (faith) empties one’s mind. With that empty, receptive and free mind one is able to experience or understand the true meaning of the words of the teacher. Knowledge is in the form of words. And those words become the light and open the eyes of the sādhaka and make one to see what the reality is.

Satsaṅga is a unique word with implied meaning. Sat is Truth, Sanga is company or union. A company  or Union with truth. Satsanga is listening to or living in the presence of his or her Guru or a saint who knows Īśvara. In his presence and words, one experiences union with the truth, the Lord. 

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