Nadya | Moscow, Russia

30 July 2013


Friends, I must admit that this was not an easy one! Almost 10 hours of practical and theoretical lessons per day. Classes begin at 5:00am and end at 9:30pm, with breaks, of course:) We have completed more than 200 hours classes.

My Yoga Teacher Training Course was held in the summer. But I was not that hot like April and May in India, due to the fact that it was raining. And it wasn’t just the rain, it was the tropical storms! Monsoon!

I’d like to describe about the course. Our teachers showed us such concerns, that it is hard to imagine! which made us feel even more comfortable despite of all those difficult conditions. I am not just saying. It is a sincere expression – the song of my heart that I don’t doubt even for a second.

The fondest memory of mine – is the days of preparation for the exams. All of us united as one that we inhaled and exhaled together synchronously; studied and explained about the subjects to each other and tested until the material had been fully absorbed, and had keen discussions flashed right in the dining hall:)

It was a beautiful teacher training course, which I can now call it, MY HAPPY MOMENT!

I would share some photos of memory here:)