Savitri Rathore


Savitri Rathore is the wife of Acharya Sudam Rathore; was born in South Korea and had an inspiration in Yoga by her mother in childhood.

After undergoing a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Seoul, Korea in 2003, a curiosity for in-depth knowledge in Yoga and Spirituality brought her to India. After completing a Master’s degree in Science of Yoga (M.Sc) from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore in 2009, she started to teach Yoga more in holistic and therapeutic aspect, inspiring practitioners and guiding yoga teachers. Since then she has been actively working as a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, lecturer, director, and coordinator in various places such as Yoga centers, universities, institutions and for Yoga seminars and workshops throughout India, Korea and Russia.

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