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Welcome to Gurukripa Divine Society.

This society is a Saṅgha of seekers (sādhakas); a Saṅgha of those who desire to know (jijñāsu), a Saṅgha of those who want to be free (mumukṣu).

In order to be free and happy, the only way is knowledge, the knowledge about the self and Īśvara (Lord). But this knowledge does not take place automatically. One has to long for it. One has to enquire for it. One has to have faith (śraddhā). And with this faith, he or she has to approach a teacher, who knows the reality, as Śrī Kṛṣṇa said in Bhagavadgītā in chapter 4. Without the grace of the teacher and Bhagavān (Lord) there is no way to knowledge and realization.

The objectives of Gurukripa Divine Society are Yoga, Satsaṅga, Svādhyāya, Mantra Japa and Prema.

Satsaṅga (spirutual discourse) and Mantra given by a teacher are very important aspects. As our guru ji said, Satsaṅga will awaken the mind to quest the reality; will change your thinking, vision, and attitudes. Satsaṅga will bring the clarity about the self and Īśvara. Satsaṅga will make everything happen. And Japa is a complete Sādhanā, which prepares oneself for the knowledge and realization of the truth.

Gurukripa Divine Society welcomes all with great pleasure and happiness for their spiritual growth and utmost wellbeing.

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