Love for Īśvara. Love for Self. Love for All.

Desire is changing –

Love is stable

Desire is momentary –

Love is permanent

Desire is body centered –

Love is self-centered

Desire is ever satisfying –

Love is complete and full

Desire is demanding, selfishness, and greed –

Love is divine, caring, sharing and giving

Desire is for body senses and mind –

Love is for Atma (self), Dharma, others and Lord.


Remember Him like you remember your beloved.

Care Him like you care yourself. Long for Him like you long for other thing,

Remember Him with your total heart.

Offer yourself in the fire of His remembrance and He will burn that is unnecessary, He will burn your ego, illusion and ignorance.

Become the lamp He will become the light. Become the flower He will become the fragrance.

Become the hallow bamboo He will produce the melody.

He is the form of love, light and joy.

Give your heart to Him He will become the love.

Make your only goal and He will become your light.

Give up everything to Him and He will become your joy.

He is only lovable, He is only most desirable. He is almighty and eternal,

everything else is limited.

He is within you as yourself. You and He are identical. Because of Him you feel, you know, you experience without Him everything is dead.

Live for Him, do for Him and love for Him that unconditional love will bring the purity, purity will bring the knowledge and the knowledge will bring the freedom.


– Acharya Sudam Rathore


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