Mantra Japa

JapamalaThe root mantra; the awakened mantra will be given. The meaning and the method of contemplation will be explained. As students learn how to meditate, mantra becomes deeply rooted in the mind. Once the seed of mantra is rooted in the mind, it attracts and gravitates the mind back. The mind naturally becomes calm. When the mind joins to the mantra, then the mantra becomes spontaneous. One experiences the reality of Mantra.

 The Power of Mantra

  • Mantra can become the great power if one reaches up to certain stage in practice.
  • Mantra practice is the key and the foundation of all spiritual practices in Vedic culture.
  • Mantra can relieve one from fear, danger, deep rooted sorrow, bad memories and negative effect of the stars.
  • Mantra can develop the will power, clarity of thoughts, speech and leads to the right decision.
  • Mantra can destroy Kashayas, Samskaras, Karmas and change the life and vision.
  • Mantra can become the path and practice, love and light, peace and power to reach to Ishvara the lord.
  • Mantra can fulfill the wishes and bring the success in both spiritual and worldly life.

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